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Jan. 14th, 2009 | 12:05 am

well...its def been a while huh?  haha well happy new year everyone!  even tho it was like 2 weeks ago..eh better late then never. 

anywho well not alot has happened lately.  ive just been lounging and working at the og and enjoying my time off.  well..i can recap a bit.  for christmas we spent it here at my house as usual and as usual we all had tons of fun. we all were drinking of course, beers for the guys vodka shots for everyone and wine for me!  hehe and then we played our annual white elephant game.  yay!  there were 37 of us playing.  haha wow thats a lot of mexicans in one room!  hehe anywyas i scored some nice wine glasses.  so thats cool.  and of course the night ended with me not remembering anything cuz i was pretty drunk!  hahah gotta love the drunk times with the family.  on christmas day we all went to church and ended up staying at home.  it was nice cuz it was kinda rainy and well....i was kinda sick.  haha but we watched the lakers win!  and well....pretty much did nothing.  haha gotta love lazy days.

anywho for new years i was able to get the day off and eric and i planned on going to hermosa with his friends and waht not.  the night was kinda crazy needless to say and i wont get into it but at midnight i was able to get my kiss with eric.  so all is well with the world.  hehe it was fun none the less.  on new years day i had to work so whatever.  i worked a massive load those last two weeks and well i was off for vacation for subbing so i gotta make some sort of monies.  hehe

now as for now ive just been chillen.  im subbing for long beach district and they only get two weeks vacation so they came back jan 5th.  now i knew i wasnt gonna be getting any positions open that first week cuz well all schools came back and the only teachers that are gonna be needing subs is if they really really are sick or somehting.  anywho so i didnt sub all week last week.  which was ok.  i just lounged and worked at og at night.  no worries.  now for this week.....its been kinda hard finding anything!  i look online and if i see something i click to look at the details and its already taken!  man people are fast on there.  so yes this week so far i havent sub yet.  and then i looked today and there is a note saying that there is a freeze on teachers professional development days and so that means in less need of subs.  so that sucks.  plus it also says that teachers are most likely gonna assign subs especially in elementary and well i just started subbing so no teachers know me yet!  so we'll see if i get anything this week.  i really hope i do!  usually what pops up is for middle school....and well im hesitant sometimes cuz those kids are scary!  hahah

so yea.  ive just been chillen.  haha enjoying my vacation and sleeping in. haha gotta be nice...sometimes.  but i need to get back into my groove of subbing cuz that one month where i subbed alot i really liked my paycheck.  haha well at least i stilll have og.  anywho i just gotta find stuff to entertain myself with now. hehe

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