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Dec. 3rd, 2008 | 12:54 am

you know...i look at my journal quite often...yet i dont feel an urge to update sometimes. haha.  but im bored now so im gonna do it.

so thanksgiving week was good!  so i found out that for the week of thanksgiving the olive garden was going to be closed.  not for the holidays and not for health concerns...which seems to be the reason why people think.  but we remodeled the kitchen.  like we literally gut the entire kitchen and got new ovens and tables and grills and stoves and the whole thing!  even knocked out some walls and waht not....and well og just couldnt be open for that amount of tiem.  they figure that the store only lost 4 days since we wouldve been closed on thanksgiving anywyas.  but anywho i still havent been back to work.  haha ive been enjoying my days off. i actually got kinda excited that i didnt have to work that week and well i had requested the weekend after thanksgiving off anywyas so it worked.  i go back to work on thurs.  so ill get to see the kitchen and everything. 

so that week was awesome.  it was erics 25th bday on the 25th!  hehe.  and well he didnt really do much on tues for his actual bday so i didnt get to see him =(  but we went out to dinner on wed and then clubbing was planned in hollywood at Opera/crimson for friday night.  oh man that was great times.  ill get to that later.  but tues was also my aunts bday!  so we went over and had alot of family together.  thats all she wanted was the family to get together.  so thats one reason why i didnt see eric on tues.   and then on wed morning i went to breakfast with some aunts and cuzins.  so good times indeed!!

as for thanksgiving i went to my aunts house in corona who i never really see and i saw cuzins that i havent really talked to in years....so it was def good times!   now onto friday for erics bday.  man o man.  that place was soo much fun.  there were soo many people.  and erics friends got bottle service and i swear we had the best table in the whole place!  it was like super vip.  so anyways the drinks were good and i had a couple shots here and there and having agood time and then all the alcohol just hit me.  well...that and i hadnt eatne since about 3 that day.  so yea thta was a bad combo.  also eric made me take a shot of whiskey which i dont normally drink!  and well....pretty much i dont remember the end of the night i threw up and got us kicked out.  haah well they kicked me out.  and yea the next morning filling me in on stories was just funny.  i swear i dont remember taking pics and everything.  but....i felt bad cuz it ws for erics bday and i got trashed!!   but eric is the best ever!!!  he took care of me and let me crash at his house and even washed my dress as i passed out on his bed.  hahha i havet he best bf ever.

haha so after that fun night i went to a thankgiving potluck on sat and i vowed not to drink cuz i as still feeling kidnda bleh.  i dditn really have a hang over so taht was good but was still kinda cautious. 

so yea that was my wonderful week!!  i really wish i could repeat it.  but anywho.....so for erics day i got him a gps cuz he really needs it!!  he always gets lost so i hope he enjoys it.  and well he already told me my christmas present but ill wait til later to tell everyone. hehe im kinda excited.  

but other then that....im going to New York next week!!!  im excited....ill get to see my sister and im going with mayra and it should be tons of fun!! i hope its kinda snowing.  i wanna feel the cold....hopefully not too much and see the christmas tree!!  thats the one thing i really wanna see.  hehe so i gotta go shopping now for coats and waht not.  cant wait!!

ok well...christmas is gonna come up fast.....but im gonna post again soon.....i really promise this time.  haha

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