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Oct. 20th, 2008 | 02:43 pm

ok so.....I finally got all my paperwork done for Long Beach.  I am officially in the system and I can start subbing whenever I want.  So they have this system where I can check for any sub jobs online and so i looked and found one for wed for a 3rd grade classroom.  I got scared by thinking about subbing for some reason and i hesitated but then i clicked to accept it cuz if I dont get my first day over with then i never will!!  haha so my first subbing postition will be on wed for a 3rd grade classroom from 745 to 230.  eek man i havent been up that early in a while.  I dunno i guess im scared cuz I havent had a classroom to myself.  I always had my master teacher in the room or I got to know the ways of the classroom first before actually teaching.  so im real scared!  but.....i do enjoy the fact that Im actually gonna be teaching.  the only thing that im confused or worried about is not knowing what im teaching.  whenevr i taught lessons i prepared myself and well...i really wont know what ill be teaching until i get to the school.  so that kinda worries me especially since its not my clas and so used to have a problem with extra time.  I wont know aht to do if i have extra time.  aha.  well...im still nervous but i have to go through it soone ror later.  I know a month from now im gonna be like...oh wow i cant believe i was scared.  but we'll see how it goes.  wish me luck!

other then that...ive really been doing nothing but being a bum.  i sleep in everyday and i work at night.  and well work has been kinda slow cuz of the economy and what not but ive still been making pretty good money.  but the good thing is that I made my last car payment last month so thats extra money this month that i automatically save.  hehe so yea just gonna pay off some more bills now. 

also im going to disnyeland soon!  i think sudnay.....and then im gonna get a pass.  eric and i have been talking about getting a pass for a while and now with the decorations coming up and waht not we figured to get it this month.  so that should be fun!

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(no subject)

from: abbyiscool
date: Oct. 22nd, 2008 10:39 pm (UTC)

Hooray! Have fun with subbing! =)

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