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Sep. 22nd, 2008 | 03:38 pm
I am feeling....: crushedcrushed

ok well...last week i had two interviews.  First was for long beach.  and this was just a simple interview to get me into the district..so nothing for an actual position or anything.  but anyways i was real nervous but in the end the guy said that i did well adn that he would move me into the next pool of applicants where pretty much if any schools have openings they choose from this pool of applicants.  he also asked if i was interested in subbing and i said yes cuz i would like to start doing something ya know.  i mean i enjoy my over extended vacation but i would like to start doing something too.  anyways.....so that is good news.

now on friday i had an interview for a torrance middle school.  i would be teaching math there.  I thought the interview went well.  i was interviewed by the principal, vice principal, and two math teachers.  well i got a call this morning and didnt get the job =(    boo!!  haha i really wanted soemthing full time but i guess......this just wasnt meant for me.  they said they went with another applicant.  so i am now back to searching.  i mean at least i got to find out pretty quickly.  oh wells......

but now this means i still have long beach.  so im hoping they call me this week cuz they said in order to sub i would ahve to come in and fill out some paperwork and what not.  so hopefully i can start doing that.  i guess its good i have something to fall back on.  oh wells...im sure long beach pays more anyways.  haha. 

but at least i still have the og.  i mean i wish i wasnt tehre anymore but i still havea  job in this weird economy!  haha.  so yea.....still enjoying my overextended vacation.  cant complain about that i guess.  haha

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(no subject)

from: azalea581
date: Sep. 24th, 2008 05:13 pm (UTC)

I'll cross my fingers for you!

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