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Sep. 17th, 2008 | 02:48 pm
I am feeling....: excitedexcited

so...some good news finally.  I have two interviews this week!!!  haha.  well tomorrow I have an interview for Long Beach district at 11.  I found out about this one about a week ago and so i was real nervous and excited cuz I mean someone finally responded back to me.  haha but i figure they are just gonna tell me that i can sub now which is good cuz i need to start making some extra money.  I mean im making ok money at the og but i could use more. haha.  but yea i would finally feel like im doing something with my credential and wahtever.  haha

but!!!   just yesterday i got a call from torrance and said if i was still interested in teaching middle school math.  I am qualified to teach it and well i know ill take that opportunity if given to me.  So i said yes.  She said the school that is looking for one is at Hull Middle school in torrance and ge tthis.....its the closest school to Olive Garden.  hahah so at least i know the area and its real nice.  hehe.  anyways i have an interview for them on friday.  I am more excited about this one cuz its an actual position that im interviewing for!  hehe.  so yea how about that.  I hear nothing from them all summer and now 2 interviews in one week!!  hahah finally i wont feel like such a bum anymore...although i will miss my over extended vacation.  hehe.  but yea we'll see how things go.....

other than that...just been working and going out of course. Eric and i have done soo much stuff wiht this friends every weekend.  I love it.  I think this weekend tho is gonna be a mellow weekend cuz the last few im been sleep deprived...haha but its all been fun!  i love his friends they are too much fun. 

Ooh and im going to New york in December!   my sister is gonna be staying out there for 3 more months and so i took the chance to go visit her again out there.  I really wanna be there when its snowing and when the tree is up in rockefeller center.  and mayra is coming with me!  hehe i know shes been wanting to go for a while now and well this will be out best opportunity cuz we cna just stay at my sisters apartment.  shes staying in Manhatten so i couldnt ask for a better spot.  hehe but yea were both excited and booked and ready to go!  haha

yea i feel like life is falling into place...although some things could be better but i am loving life right now =)  wish me luck with the interviews!! 

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Aug. 23rd, 2008 | 05:10 pm
I am feeling....: tiredtired

I am  back!!!  I am back from the lovely and gorgeous hawaii!!  hehe I had a real great time while we were there and the weather was just amazing!!  like we could walk around the main street in waikiki at midnight and still jsut wear a tank top and shorts.  I mean i never needed a reason for a sweater or anything...just gorgeous.

anyways we did alot of stuff while we were there and did the major touristy stuff.  So we did a sunset dinner cruise which was fun!  and saw a show on our first night there.  the next day since we were still on cali time a few of us went to the beach to try to catch the sunrise...yes....i said correctly...sunrise.  haha i never wake up early but yet while i was here it was well worth it.  anwyays crazy part was that it started to rain a lil bit....the locals said its tropical weather and so every now and then a cloud comes by and it rains.  hehe it was pretty cool tho....and watching the surfers out that early was crazy too.  

anyways we did pearl harbor of course and that was pretty amazing....just...kinda sad u know knowing the boat is still there and peoples bodies are there.  i mean its just crazy thinking about it.   after that we hit the beach for a bit which was beautiful.  the water is soo warm there!  and there were tons of people but it was just amazing.  then after that we hit a luau.  haha this was the main thing i wanted to do.  I really wanted to do luau and my goodness...the guys were soo hot!!  i really liked one who winked at me...hahah (stop it johanna!) hahah but it was fun.  the next day we did an island tour on a bus and we got to see the whole island...we were all pretty tired from the night before but it was fun and we got to see parts of the island that i had no idea about.  after that we saw a magic polynesia show and that was fun too.....on tues everyone else did snorkeling while me and one of my cuzins stayed cuz she had a fear of deep water or something.  anywyas we hit the beach instead.  I got soo burnt!  and red.  haha we were at the beach for like 5 hours.  I just couldnt get away i was soo relaxed.  it felt real nice tho.  then later that night we just chilled and shopped and what not.  

during the nights we just went to like bars and waht not....the bars and clubs close at 4 in the moring there and since there were plenty walking distance we didnt care.  thats why it was nice that the weather was just beautiful.  

but overall...i had an amazing time!  and im already wondering when im gonna go back.  although while iw as there i wished eric was with me the whole time!  i mean its soo romantic that u wanna be there with someone u love..aww.....haha and there were soo many people on their honeymoons and waht not that it made me wanna go there for mine!  haha sounds soo cliche but its just wonderful!  maybe eric and i will plan a trip there one day....haha.  but it was cool being with the friends.  i miss it already!  hehe anyways i posted some pics on my facebook but i'll show ya the link anyways....i have two albums so both links are different....enjoy!  =)



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Aug. 11th, 2008 | 02:48 pm
I am feeling....: nervousnervous

ok so ....ive been enjoying my summer and waht not...but now...I am getting extremely nervous.  I still havent found a job!!  and school should be starting in a few weeks.  I have sent out my applications and have heard nothing yet from anyone.  I mean am i doing something wrong?  also i have a supplementarty in math so i could teach middle school math if i wanted and yet i havent heard anything about that either.  sigh this whole thing is starting to get my nervous and aggravated.  I mean i dont know waht to do anymore.  It looks like for now i might as well just sub but i dont want to do that either!  gah!  this is soo confusing.  I hate how they are not hiring teachers at this moment like when they did a few years ago.  I guess i just need to have faith in the way things are gonna go for me.  I guess it'll happen sooner or later.

On a happy note i guess....its almost Hawaii time!!!  i leave on friday already and come back early thurs morning.  I cant believe how the time has just flown by.  I really can't believe that ive been talking about this for a while and now its finally here.  Well i guess i need some vacation time but my plan was to have a job already.....yea we'll see how everything works out.  anywho....nothing else going on...just me working so save up for hawaii.....

alright well i gotta go take care of some business....Hawaii here I come!!  =)

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Jul. 13th, 2008 | 10:03 pm
I am feeling....: lovedloved

 this weekend was perfect....wine tasting was amazing and most of all spending time with eric was the best.  

I really enjoyed wine tasting in santa barbara and the tour that we took was awesome.  It was real fun too.  we had about 20 people on our tour and everyone was soo nice and funny.  and the guide was funny too!  but i loved how we were being educated about wine adn how to taste wine the right way and waht to look for.  It was just amazing and the weather was perfect.  we thought we were gonna be super tired cuz we were being picked up at 845 so we had to leave early since it was about an hour and half drive to ventura.  we didnt get to actually stay in santa barbara cuz there were no rooms available but ventura wasnt too far off and they did pick ups there soo...it just worked.

we got a couple bottles of wine adn even tho eric is not much of a wine drinker he did enjoy himself so that was great.  so afterwards we went and grabbed some dinner and stayed the night in ventura.  the day was just perfect and I love him more and more each day <3  wow....2 years.  freaking crazy how time just flies on by.  

anywho....so this week I am going to be busy working and putting out applications.  i got my credential in the mail last week!! yay so i can do and apply to places now.  I already applied online to LAUSD so we'll see how that goes...still skeptical only cuz I would prefer something in my area...but if i could get somewhere else not to far away in another district then ill take it too...even tho LA pays the most.  hehe but we'll see how it all goes.  

Anyways this has been an amazing week!!  and i cant wait for the rest of the summer to see waht else can happen...definitely one of the best summers ive had so far....although the summer 2 years ago is tough to beat...hehe

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Jul. 7th, 2008 | 01:15 pm
I am feeling....: hothot

 so this past weekend was pretty fun.  On friday they blocked the street for 4th of july and so all my neighbors were just partying in the street and bbqing and what not...they had jumpers and everything for the kids and set up a volleyball net across the street...it was pretty fun and relaxing.  But i didnt stay all day so i ended up going to Irvine to bbq at Phil and Crystals house.  and that was fun.  the usual; crew was there adn yea most of us got pretty toasty....haha but it was still good times....we didnt get to see fireworks but thats ok i still had fun anywyas.

sat was busy cuz i had a bridal shower to go to for joyce in the afternoon.  that was real fun...its my first like bridal shower for a friend.....and even a wedding.  Ive always gone to like family weddings and what not adn now this is the first friend wedding and it jsut means were that old!  haha friends are starting to get married and waht not...prety crazy...anyways it was a tea party themed and it was the cutest one i have been too.....it was fun.  

later that night we went to bubba gump and then mai tais to celebrate a birthday for cindy.  it was good times for everyone but at the end of the night i was pretty exhuasted...i also didnt drink too much since i had drank alot the night before...hehe but it was good none the less.  I jsut like hanging out with everyone every weekend =)

last night i just chilled....i took a nap that i very much needed right before i went to work and then afterwards i came home and felt sleepy again!  haha i guess the weekend is just catching up to me....anywho Karen adn Mayra even called to see if i wanted to go out around 11 and i was alreaedy sleep that i declined...i felt bad tho since i hadnt hung out with them for a while...but i was too sleepy.  anyways i slept until very late this morning...haha oops....anywho....

today im just chillen but i might pick up a shift...just cuz...i need money....haha.  anyways my bday is tomorrow!!  yaya and i have nothing planned....haha i really dont care really...its just another bday.  so we'll see waht happens....=)

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Jun. 24th, 2008 | 04:42 pm
I am feeling....: excitedexcited

ok...so last week i found out that i didnt have to take that summer school class.  Apparently...and i dunno why it took me this long to realize...but they didnt count units that i got credit for when i took the AP calc test back in high school.  I got 6 units for passing that test...and well that wasnt counted into the 32 units that i needed to get a subject matter authorization.  so i was looking at rate my professor at the teacher i was gonna have...and apparently shes a bitch!  and is hard.  and i like really dreading going to this class over the next 5 weeks.....well i dunno how it happened but i was going every single possible solution for not taking that class and then it dawned on me....that those units werent added.  so i called and the lady said that on my official transcript it just said i got credit but not for what..but on my unoffical transcipt it shows that i got credit for a calc class.  so yay!!  i dont have to take that math class anymore!  i am officially on my summer break.

so..what have i been up to now that im on summer break??/  work!  hahah well last week was graduation week....so we packed like no other at work and well im not being scheduled monday thru thurs cuz of my old availablity....so ive just been picking up shifts....i worked 6 days last week but i made soo much in tips....its ridiculous.  so my plan is to work at least 5 to 6 days  week from now on cuz i gotta save up!

but i feel like july is gonna be the month to remember!  i know its gonna be fun filled with lots of activites and i cant wait!!  of course this meanas i gotta work alot to get the monies to spend!  hehe but thats ok.....i cna do it!

things to look forward to next month!

3rd:    happy hour with crystal and christine and then meeting up with the boys later
4th:    Block party on my block and possibly more bbqs elsewhere
5th:    Joyce's bridal shower and then cindys bday party!
8th:    My BIRTHDAY!!  hehe
10th:  Eric and mine 2 year anniversary!
12-13:  Wine tasting in santa barbara to celebrate our anniversary =)
26th:  Joyces wedding in san diego
27th:  sea World!

so yea im gonna be pretty busy....also i dunno when exactly but im gonna get a disneyland pass so im gonna be going multiple times there too over the summer!  yay for summer break! 

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Jun. 6th, 2008 | 02:51 pm
I am feeling....: hothot

 ok...well.....i am now officially done.  hahah.  well i graduated!!  finally.  I graduated on May 29th!  it was amazing.  I am finally happy to be done with everthing.  That following sat my parents threw me a party.  and that was lots of fun.  man I still cant believe its all over tho.  Im happy but its like wow...its time for that next step in life.

One thing tho...is that Im sstill gonna take one class over the summer.  apparently i found out that I only need one more unit in math to get a subkect matter authorization added to my credential...which means i could teach up to high school math if i wanted....well i decided that it is only one unit which is only one more class....so even tho it took me a while to finally gett the idea in my head that i would have tot ake one more class i figured it was all worth it.  Who knows i could be teaching high school if i cant find any elementarty postions.  Im gonna be taking trig.  they told me i should take like college algebra but none was being offered at harbor during the sesion that i wanted.  So im taking trig....it was between that or geometry....and i like trig much better.  so whatevs...i start june 16 to july 17 should be interesting

as far as everything else goes.....I have been doing absolutely nothig!  hahah ive been waking up at 12 oclock everyday....gosh thats horrible i know but im enjoying it so far.  But I have been working all this week.  I need to start saving money for  this summer....apparently i could ahve alot of things planned with Hawaii being the ending thing to save for.  But its the main thing to save for.  so excited right now.....

so things to look forward to this summer (and save for)
-random clubbing nights
-Our 2 year anniversary trip to santa barbara for wine tasting <3
-My birthday! 
-Joyce's wedding in san Diego
-Disneyland passes!!
-Vegas?  perhaps
-and finally Hawaii!!!  

this summer is gonna be the best....i cant wait =)

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I am finally done!!

May. 19th, 2008 | 02:15 pm
I am feeling....: excitedexcited

well.....ive been done since friday (may 16th)  but now im just getting to post it here.  I am so freaken excited that i am officially done with school....now the hard part....trying to get a job.  but before i can worry about that..... i need to graduate and then celebrate!!

so i graduate on may 29th....thats like almost 2 weeks.  haha thats a while away....then on the 31st im having a party.....so that should be fun!  i cant wait.....so this summer should be somewhat relaxful but at the same time trying to get everything cleared and seeing if i can get hired anywhere!  oy....seriously i graduated like at the worse time to get a job in teaching.  anwyays.......

other then that my plans for the summer........graduating, grad party, lots of movies, san diego at the end of the month, my 2 year anniversary, my 24th bday, san diego in july for a wedding, and then to top it off in august....hawaii!!!  yes im excited for hawaii....so of course with all these plans also means.....lots of working.  so i will be busy at work saving some money for my many adventures....

alright and now im off to a happy hour to celebrate with my fellow student teachers that are done...life is good right now =)

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true story

May. 6th, 2008 | 11:06 pm

A 5th grader at my school was suspended today cuz he told a girl, 

" you should wear a mini skirt and open ur legs and then maybe everyone will like you" 

okay now im sorry but LOL!!!   hahaha when his teacher told everyone in the lounge today we all open our mouths in shock but then we all started laughing....seriously???  what 11 year old is talking like that?  well obviously this one.  hahah

ah gotta luv this teaching gig

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May. 5th, 2008 | 10:05 pm
I am feeling....: happyhappy

ok  so i officially have 2 weeks of student teaching left.  I am extremely excited and very shocked that my second assignment has just flown by.  But now im thinking....yay these last 2 weeks should just breeze by.....and now im like....now that i expect that it wont happen.  meh none the less i am still extremely happy.  

I graduate may 29th!!!  at 5 pm!  gosh darn it im just too excited....i have been waiting for this day for years!!  i am finally able to say i am a college graduate with a credential to boot!  but of course.....then i get depressed when i hear how hard it is right now to get a  job in california....damn those educaiton cuts.  but i can only hope and pray for the best....until then......yay may 29th!!!

so all i have to do now if finish my TPA assignment and put together my portfolio which should all be done by next wednesday.  that will be the last meeting with my supervisor...and might i say i had a kick ass supervisor as well....she only saw e 5 times and we only met like every other week.  she is extremely awesome.  plus the other 3 student teachers under her belt are awesome as well....happy hour on the 16th here we come!!!  heheh

and cna u beleive its already mothers day on sunday??!?  good lord i tell ya the time is just flying by.  but yea it should be an interesting weekend.  Also guess what??  im going to Hawaii!!  hehe i think its for sure...but im going with a big group from work...of course mayra and karen and some others and one of my coworkers is getting us a great deal and what not.  So im going in august and im excited for that as well....let it be my graduation trip.  hehe but yea i really need a vacation after all my hard work in school...

anywyas other then that im keeping  myself busy with eric and weve been hanging out every weekeend and what not.  yea...life is good right now.....=)

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