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Jan. 20th, 2009 | 04:43 pm

well today i did absolutely nothing!  haha.  but i was stuck watching all networks and watching our new president get sworn in!!  haha man this is such a magical day.  everything ws perfect.  Obama really kicks ass and im so glad to call him our president.  his wife is wonderful and his daughters are too adorable!  haha im really proud right now.  and i had planned to pretty much do nothing but watch tv.  I even noticed that plenty of schools needed subs......so weird.  and nobody was picking them up.  I felt kinda bad cuz there were like 6 schools that were listed and their start times were way past an hour or so and looks like no one picked them up.  i even had a high school call me and i was surprised cuz i never get phone calls.  but sorry....i wanted to be a part of this moment.  haha watch im gonna regret it since there is nothing posted now adn watch me not get anything for tomorrow .  oh wells. im still glad i was able to bum around and watch all the evnts on tv.

im a very proud american!  anywho......so other then that ive just been enjoying the last couple days off.  times like these make me think a bit.  some good and some bad.  anywho all is life i suppose.  but everything will be ok i guess.  alrighty well all i wanted to write about was my uneventful yet exciting day!  hehe now im just watching for the inaugural balls to start!  yay

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