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Dec. 8th, 2008 | 11:40 am

so this weekend was amazing!!  I finally worked again at the og an it felt kinda weird cuz i hadnt been at work for a while.  hehe.  but friday night was kinda good so i cant complain and then i just went and hung out with eric afterwards.  On sat i worked in the morning and then we went to disneyland!!!   this was our first time going with the decorations up.  and eric got his pass that day.  so now we are annual pass holders!!  yay!  hehe.  but the thing is....the blackout dates start on the 20th til the end of the year and im going to new york this weekend so we might not be able to see the christmas stuff again...unless we go the first 4 days of jan which could be a possibility.  anywho...we didnt get there til about 730 almost 8 ish cuz there was a massive accident on the 91 that they had to close the freeway...apparently there was a double fatality accident.  pretty bad.  but yea we were stuck on the freeway for a good 45 mins.  no bueno.  anywyas the first thing we did was go to cali adventure to try the new toy story ride and let me say.....it is freaken awesome!!!!  i luv it soo much i could go to disneyland just to ride that ride a million times.  hahah.  and yes i beat eric!!!  too bad i didnt get any photo documentation.  haha but he vowed to kick my butt when we go again.  haha  so after that we saw the fireworks andw hat not and then we stayed til about midnihgt when the parked closed....so it was fun stuff but we were soo exhuasted when we got home we knocked out.

on sunday.......well....i got my christmas gift already from eric......an iphone!!!!!!!  lol.....i am soo excited about my new phone!  haha i wasnt really thinking about getting one but my contract was up this month and so eric decided to get me one.  yay!  i will be paying more a month but itll be worth it.  hehe.  but yea i just got it and im soo addicted to it.  i mena internet and eveything at my fingertips!  hehe so yea i got the 3g one but only the 8gb cuz well....i dont even hvae an ipod myself so not like im gonna be using the music portion quite often.  but yea im excited and thanks eric!!!!  i really love my boyfriend...he is the best ever. 

ok adn well other then that i now have to prepare for new york!! i looked at the forecast and well....the high is about 25 degrees!  yikes!!  haha but im gonna have lots of fun and ill be able to see the tree!!  yay.  hehe anywyas....i gotta go shopping now for boots and warm clothes!! 

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