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Nov. 11th, 2008 | 03:44 pm

ok so...ive been subbing alot lately.  which is good.  so the last time i wrote i wrote about how my first day of subbing was gonna be soon.  well that day came and let me say...it was prob my worst experience!!  haha i have to rove classrooms.  so i was in a third grade class first and they were all soo noisy and talkative.  and waht would get me upset was that the actual teacher was there....only they had these writing workshops and so a group of teachers would come to the classroom and some would teach a writing concept and then the others took notes....well when those teachers came in they were quiet...but for me??  no.  haha so then right after that i had to go to a 4th rgade classroom and that was much much worse!  they did not listen and were walking around and waht not.  ugh it was soo bad.  yea im never going to that school again unless its for kindergarten.  hahah.  so yea that was my first day experience.

after that i was a bit skeptical of subbing but then i realized i can be choosy at times and pick which schools i want so from then on out i have choosen wisely.  Ive subbed about 7 more times after that and they were real good.  hehe i guess i needed that first experience to learn from.  all the assignments have been pretty easy as well.  I even did a middle school for a history class on election day.  so that day was cool.  but they were very chatting.  i feel like i can be such a pushover and i hate having to yell....but i had to yell at some of the classes to quiet down.  also in middle school the students are taller then me!!  haha thats sad. 

but anyways irecently just finished a 3 day subbing in kinderarten and i loved it!!  it was in a bad ish neighborhood but my class was soo good!  just goes to show that the neighborhood doesnt matter its the kids.  anywho.....other then that today was  adya off since schools are closed and i already picked up a middle school math postion for friday.  i picked it up quick cuz since i have a subject matter authorization in math i get paid long term sub pay for that one day.  haha definitely looking for more of those.

other then subbing......ive been working at the og too!   ive been a busy person now.  some days i sub and then an hour later im off to serve tables.  but the money has been good.  im geting paid on friday for my subbing for the first time.  the one thing im gonna hate is getting paid once a month.  im used to geting paid weekly at og and then always having cash on me after  a shift.  hehe so im just gonna act like i dont have this sub job and once a month ill be like...whoa a good paycheck.  hehe.  

halloween came up and i went to hermosa.  we went to sangrias and that was alot of fun.  i always look forward to the weekends cuz i always end up doing something fun with eric.  i only get to see him friday and sat so of course i make the most of it.  i wish i could see him more sometimes...but ill take what i can get. 

other then that....i got my disneyland pass!!  so i should be going alot soon and i cant wait for the holidays!!  thanksgiving is already 3 weeks away!!  and then christmas then new years...ooh its gonna be good.  also im going to new york in december!  i hope it snows when im out there.  im gonna visit my sister and mayra is coming along too...so it should be good.

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